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I'm a Good Witch, not a Nice Witch.

Porch Bokors and Moon Crickets

1 April 1976
I'm a Wiccan High Priestess, quadruple Aries, crazy woman and chronic do-er. I work in the occult biz, so I know way more about human nature that I want to, some days. I'm good at making things-almost anything, frankly-and I love a challenge almost as much as I love a shady patio in the heat of the summer, with a long cold Strongbow cider (or, even better, a Magners!) and some good buddies.

I'm told that I should slow down and be less intense. To which I say, life is too damned short. I work hard. I play hard. I love hard, and you have to work pretty damned hard to earn my indifference. As the years go by, I love who I am and this grand adventure we're on, more and more.
the more I learn, the I realise the less I know, and that the only constant is change. The down side is, ya realise how little everyone else knows too. However, I have my Craft, my garden, my dog and my tattoos to comfort me. To get to sleep at night, I contemplate the koan of my own simultaneously contradictory brain.

oh, yes. and my liver is in the sixth dimension, presiding over a meeting of the Sisterhood of the Iron Liver.

Some say the gods are just a myth, but guess who I've been dancing with...

Once again he walks with me along the Beauty Way
My winged messenger, my warrior-child of clay
waves crash as his coat of many colours comes undone;
revealing to me the mystery-Dionysian Love.

Jewelled worlds are born as passion pulls me in
fragrance of his spices, perfume of his skin
rushing into this heart of mine to mingle with my blood
reveal yourself again to me-Dionysian Love.

see how far he travels out into the waiting worlds
to dance among the princes and the radiant temple girls
Tasting all the splendid forms the dream world is made of
and bringing it all back home to me;
Dionysian Love.

Tides pull with the motion of his hips
honeyed words of exstacy falling from his lips
stars give approval from the sacred sky above
reveal yourself again to me;
Dionysian Love.

On this island in the ocean,at the edge of all we know
vows again are spoken like we did so long ago, but-
to my soul I am speaking, my Dionysian Love...

~Eliza Gilkyson.